Make women in STEM visible, celebrate their achievements !

On 8th march 2021 we launched a global call for action, relayed by France Médias Monde all around the world. A call for gender balance in tech. This call has been successful, more than 30 000 respondents from 117 countries 2022 have participated to our global survey . 2022 is now focused on sharing the results, first with our partners, then as you will see with a wider audience on our platform!

Today, on the 8th of march 2022 we move on, we act. The first action we have decided to implement is simple. But essential. It is to make women in STEM more visible. To achieve this we launch a first set of maps identifying some remarkable women in STEM all around the world.

Beyond Katalin Kariko, Laurence Devillers, Esperanza Martinez Romero, Ritu Karidhal, or Catherine Ngila that were highlighted last year, you will see that indeed there are many of them on all five continents. Some of these women have received international recognition from famous prizes, such as the Nobel prize, Fields Medals or they are laureates of outstanding programs such as « For Women in Science » from UNESCO-Loréal. But some others which achievements are now worldwide famous have moved on on their own. Commitment, audacity, determination to fight for a better world are the common denominator to all of them !

You will find many examples of bold, audacious, inspiring women that make a difference for science, for technology in the world among the 171 persons identified in Gender Scan 8th of march maps. More informations on each of these role models will be communicated in the coming weeks, with the hope that they will contribute to trigger interest from younger generations.

We also count on your feedback to identify other stunning role models for the next set of maps !

Together we can make the difference towards gender balance in STEM !